$ 40.00 AUD

Galactic Star Oil

Cosmic Embodiment | Galactic Ancestry | Universal Love

Made locally

Produced on the traditional land of the Arakwal people, Bundjalung nation, Byron Bay

100% Natural

No synthetic perfumes, oils or raw materials are used in the creation of our products


Bottles, packaging and ingredients are chosen to minimise footprint


Each bottle is hand crafted with love in small batches by natural therapist Sarah Baiada


What is it made of?

The essential oils are grounded in light and are not too heavy noted, grounded in by Cardamom Seed. The lightness is created with Cempaka, German Chamomile and Lemon Myrtle. Supportive Angelica Root is the oil whispering you through all the realms to find all parts of you.


What makes it so special?

Boundless stars pulsating and embodied in each of your cells circulating through your body. This recipe was passed on to me from the Stars and Water Beings. Encouraging the complete connection of your soul and body in one perfect unified field with the Earth.

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